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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The Chera Beach .....a gem hidden in Kannur

            We cursed the labyrinthine alleys between the well laid out houses as we made our way to the Chera Beach....the sign boards did not seem to show the correct direction,neither did the people when asked .We could finally make it to an open space where we could park our cars and trek down to the beach.Next ,it was the turn of a long path through the thorny bushes and shrubs.Annoyed with the difficult stony track ,we shared irritated glances at each other ,trying to recollect whose freaking idea it was to lose our restful morning sleep in exchange of this.

             .And then something happened...we heard the sound of the waves,the sea was close now .....one look at the beach and the clear blue waters from behind the palm trees ,and the place had its spell on us.
The trek down to the beach

Wild flowers on the way

One of the many birds sighted

    The Arabian Sea stretched out in front of us ,reflecting the morning sky in shades of blue.For the first few moments we could do nothing but gaze at the vastness in front of our eyes.Is this what we actually want when we are out on a relaxing holiday? But there was no time to think, for the reason that it was no longer our minds but now our hearts had taken over.Not  a sound from anywhere except for the sound of the waves crashing on the wet sands.A man sat quietly on the rocks which stood in the water.The rocks as if guarding some part of the vast ocean  in a small bay, to mellow down for us.

Time stood still that morning,and we gaped at gods creation in its untouched ,unspoiled ,pristine ,untainted form.
The water was azure or turquoise,I was not sure,for it changed every moment.with the morning rays ,and the soothing breeze,neither did I try to find out ,for all I knew was, it was divine.

            The only humans other than us was the group of fishermen who had just hauled  their boats up from the sea.We watched them as they pulled out their fishing nets from the boats,and collected their morning catch.We watched them with interest ,in turn they looked at us in surprise trying to figure out what we could find so intriguing in their routine work.

Collecting shells brought by the waves during the long night that had passed,and watching birds fly to the beach,and trying to find out their names  kept us absorbed there.The crabs crawled between the rocks in the little water that the waves had brought in,fascinated the kids to no end.The waves crashed timelessly on the rocks and withdrew leaving behind a white foam before it completely disappeared from our eyes
Another bird on the beach

The Chera Beach Resort can be seen at the distance

     The Chera beach got its name from the first dynasty of rulers who ruled Kerala,the Chera dynasty.The only accommodation for stay in the beach is The Chera Beach Resort.The location of the resort and the view from its lawn in front of the resort is just amazing.A lot of it was captured through my lens,while much more was surely retained in our minds.We even bought some mackerels from there to our home stay Amban Heritage ,where our hosts readily cooked them for us.
Mackerels,an all time favorite

So all good things come to an end and so did our visit ,but we had many more places to visit in Kannur.So we bid goodbye to this little paradise expecting many more things to come from our three days visit to the place.

  The Chera Beach is situated at Mullapilangad,8 kilometers fom Kannur The railway station at Kannur is also well connected to all parts of India.The nearest airports are at Calicut and Mangalore,while the new airport coming up at Kannur is expected to begin commercial operations in mid 2017.Kannur is on national highway 66 between Kozhikode and Mangalore.

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