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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

The Many Things to do in Pelling,(West Sikkim) And Product Review

  Pelling is  a small town in the district of West Sikkim,and very often finds place in a tourists bucket list for several reasons.Firstly the altitude being 7050 feet, the difficulties of the very high altitude of North Sikkim can be done away with.Furthermore its plentiful natural beauty with  its waterfalls,lakes and excellent views of the mighty Kanchenjunga , in fact makes it irresistible for a second visit too.

 The natural beauty of Pelling,the ruins recounting the   chequered history of Sikkim,(when it used to be an independent kingdom),the adhering religion of Buddhism which flourished with the reigning royalty or the very environmentally conscious people who have striven to maintain Sikkim in its present form ,all add for a memorable experience of Pelling.As a matter of fact , even the roads to Pelling ,laced by the prayer flags give the vibes of an reassuringly beautiful place.

There are a good many number of places to visit in Pelling but we had to cut down our list of places ,to spend  enough time at only the very recognized ones.

                                       THE SINGSHORE BRIDGE

THE SINGSHORE BRIDGE bridge is the highest bridge in Pelling and the second highest gorge bridge in Asia. This engineering marvel is at  a distance of 25 km from Pelling and is  a must visit in Pelling .the bridge is
built over a deep gorge of a depth of about 200 m .

A walk across the bridge can be immensely pleasing on a pleasant day. The place is not crowded ,moreover one can also enjoy some snacks at the shacks at the end of the bridge.


                                            THE  ALPINE CHEESE FACTORY AT DENTAM
  The  cheese factory is not to be missed either. Located amongst beautiful surroundings in the village of Dentam about 25 km from Pelling,this place is delightful for many reasons.One can learn and see the cheese making process here, apart from getting your hands on some much needed refreshments like ice creams and lassi. One can also get some freshly made cheese to take back home just as we did.You will love the place for its excellent view,and do not forget to click the cardamom plants adjoining the place.

The cardamom plants adjoining the cheese factory

He was too happy to pose for my camera


                                                   THE PEMAYANGTSE MONASTERY


Your visit to Pelling can be termed incomplete without a visit to the Pemayangtse Monastery.It is
one of the most prominent monasteries of Sikkim.A monastery established by the Buddhist monarchs
of the neighboring Rabdentse, Pemayangste is a place visited for many reasons.Be it the monks in their maroon robes,who exude devotion and discipline,or the gentle humming sound of the monks chanting hymns,it is a place which has the calming effect on one's mind like any other Monastery in Sikkim.
The monastery is located only at a distance of 9 km from Pelling,and can be visited along with a visit to the Rabdentse Ruins very close by.

                                      THE RUINS OF RABDENTSE
Sikkim has for long been an independent mountain kingdom ,with Nepal in the east,Bhutan in the west,Tibet in the north and India  in the south.It is only as late as 1975 when Sikkim became an Indian state,and ended its monarchy only in 1982. Until then the kingdom was ruled by the Chogyals (the Buddhist priests).The capital was set up by in 1680 and continued to be the Sikkimese capital till 1793.It was then shifted to Tumlong after frequent threats from the Bhutanese and the Nepalese forces.This place has been abandoned since then,and only the ruins remain today.The chortens or the Buddhist place of worship are the most noticeable part of the once thriving fort.It is a place worth visiting but only if one is ready to walk uphill for a km through a very dense foliage. The ruins of Rabdentse is very close to the Pemayangtse Monastery,which is a monastery built by the Chogyals ruling from Rabdentse.

                                         THE KHECHEOPLARI LAKE

The calming Khecheopalri lake is at  a distance of 30 km from Pelling. The many legends and the strong beliefs associated with this place make this visit a very special one.

 To know more,read here

Khecheoplari Lake, of Wish Fulfilling And More (SIKKIM)



I shall highly  recommend this place for a visit ,if not for religious reasons,for the calmness which is infectious here.The panoramic view from the monastery or the balming effect of the surrounding shall remain etched in my memory for quite sometime.The place is located in Upper Pelling at on a ridge atop a hillock.

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View of the monastery from our homestay


 Yet another majestic waterfall like the many others in Sikkim.Located about about 23 km from Pelling,this waterfall is a must visit,if you are a nature lover.


Here I would like to mention that before I started on my trip to Sikkim this summer,I was sent a pack of OiOils,which I found to be very useful on journeys (especially with children).This is India's first and only three -in -one all natural mosquito repellent,made out of 100% essential oils and ZERO chemicals.The pack consists of two sprays out of which one is a pocket friendly one ,and can be easily carried with us.
   It can be sprayed  6 to 8 inches away from the skin or sprayed evenly on the skin with the palm.
The essential oils include Lemon Grass oil,Citronella oil,Clove oil and more and can be sprayed on fabric ,skin or in the room too.

                                     FEW OTHER TO DO OPTIONS IN PELLING

The population of Sikkim is  a good mix of the Lepcha (the original people of Sikkim), the Bhutia (the people originally from Bhutan) and the Nepali. So over the years the food of the state has integrated to what we find it today.The sel -roti is a deep fried rice bread made in many households all over Sikkim.Generally had with spicy non -vegetarian fare ,it is sometimes also enjoyed with the humble potato .Do not forget to have this at many of the shacks in Pelling.

Go for a walk with your family ,along the roads of Pelling,and walk up to the picturesque Helipad if you haven't visited it yet

                               Drink steaming hot tea to rejuvenate yourself at the many places in Middle Pelling.

Stop by the roadside to get the sweetest variety of organically grown corn off the cob.

Stop beside the Rimbi river and spend some time on its banks .

Take a lazy stroll,gazing at the mighty Kanchenjunga,or simply feel the freshness in the air by sitting on one of the benches by the roadside.


The places mentioned above take 2 day tours to visit.We had stayed three nights in Pelling ,and could visit the places comfortably.

Pelling is at a distance of 115 km from Gangtok by road,and takes 5 hours approximately.The roads are in very good condition and the journey is a joy to be experienced.


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